First Year Composition Midterm Portfolios are Pouring in!

It is Week 6 of the semester, and we have nearly 600 midterm portfolios coming in from all students enrolled in ENGL 102 and ENGL 105.

Our Composition Team will score these portfolios in Week 7. This assessment will provide insight to students about their own writing and to faculty about what we can work on in the remaining weeks of the semester. Many classes will also have visitors from the Composition Team come to their classes to discuss their impressions of the papers they evaluated and offer suggestions that will help students with their final portfolios.

Please reach out to your instructor or the Composition Director, Dr. Stacey Anderson, if you have any questions about our Holistic Team Scoring Process.

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Welcome, Incoming CI Students!

Once you enroll at CI, one of the important decisions you have to make is how to complete your first year writing requirement. Although you are required as a CSU student to take the English Placement Test, that test score has no bearing on the path you choose. Rather, we ask you to assess your own readiness for college level writing and research and decide for yourself whether to take our six-unit Stretch Composition sequence (English 102 and English 103) or or our three-unit accelerated course (English 105). We call our program Directed Self Placement, or DSP for short.

Please explore this site, be sure to read our DSP Handbook, and use the form on this site to submit any questions you might have. See you soon!

Dr. Stacey Anderson, Composition Director, CI English Program

We’re Halfway There!

It’s Week 8 of the semester, which means we are at the halfway point of the term!

Before you know it, it will be time for Portfolio Review.

Examine your work ethic so far and consider what might interfere with your ability to complete the class successfully.

Remember that you must complete all required drafts, meet all assignment expectations, and attend class regularly in order to submit a portfolio for scoring.

Don’t lose steam now!

After this week, we will be 1/3 of the way through the semester! Remember that to succeed in our program, you need to be an active participant in your classroom community and complete all required assignments throughout the term.

If you’re having a hard time juggling your workload, talk to your instructor. Open communication is the fist step in overcoming the hurdles that can interfere with your success in first year composition.

Read this piece, “10 Things Smart Students Do When Writing,” to learn some effective strategies for navigating these next several weeks.

The CI Composition Team

Classes Start Next Week!

Welcome to the Fall Semester! Our first year composition faculty are looking forward to meeting our new students next week. It is imperative that you attend the first day of class or your seat may be given to another student who is on the waiting list. 

Faculty have the right to drop students who miss class any time during the first three weeks of the semester. We have many students who want to enroll in our courses but were not able to get a spot over the summer, so we make sure to fill any empty seats that appear in the first three weeks of the term.

Please also be sure to check your schedule and the classroom in which your course is scheduled, as classrooms do shift on occasion until the week that classes begin.

If you are still looking for an available course, please check CI Records frequently, as enrollment shifts throughout the first week of classes especially. It is a good idea to focus on courses that are at less popular times. Note that several courses that may appear available are part of linked class learning communities, some of which are available to general enrollment as long as you are available to enroll in the other linked course as well.

Please use our comments tool on this website if you have any questions as classes get underway. Thanks, and see you soon!

The CI Composition Team

Fall Enrollment Update

ENGL 102.08 is now open to general enrollment. Please check CI Records for the latest availability.

If you are looking for ENGL 105, remember that our fall sections were primarily filled by sophomores. As noted during orientation, we advise incoming students to plan on taking ENGL 105 in the spring, when we will have plenty of open sections.

If you have a question, please use our form near the bottom of this page. And be sure to check CI Records often, as course availability changes frequently as students adjust their schedules. Thank you and good luck!

The CI Composition Team

Welcome, First Year Writers!

We are pleased to share our website for first year composition at CSU Channel Islands. Please click on our links to learn everything you need to know about completing your writing requirement here at CI.

Don’t forget to read our DSP Handbook for more information on your course options.

cropped-fotolia-dolphin1.jpegThe choice is yours!