Holistic Team Scoring

Final Portfolio

To fulfill the CI first year writing requirement, students must submit and pass the final portfolio and the end of ENGL 103 or 105. The portfolio will be a collection of the student’s best papers, revised and edited several times. Whichever path a student chooses, final portfolio requirements in ENGL 103 and 105 are identical; all papers must include integrated research and documentation of sources.

Team Grading and Scoring Criteria

Portfolios are graded by the entire composition faculty according to our shared Scoring Criteria. The criteria are revised regularly to make sure they represent the expectations faculty have for college writing.

Written work in first year composition is not graded by a student’s classroom teacher. Rather, the team of composition faculty evaluates all written work. This system, called holistic team scoring, assures that all student writing is assessed fairly and consistently, regardless of which section in which a student is enrolled.

Additional information on holistic scoring can be found in our DSP Handbook.