Understanding Early Start

With our Directed Self Placement (DSP) program, the decision about whether to complete the first year writing requirement in our two-semester Stretch Composition sequence (ENGL 102-103) or our accelerated one semester course (ENGL 105) is entirely up to the student.

This can be confusing since incoming first year students are still required to take the English Placement Test (EPT)  as part of the enrolling in a CSU campus. Moreover, a student may be required to enroll in the Early Start Program as a result of the score he or she receives on the EPT. Nonetheless, being required to enroll in Early Start bears no influence on how a student may choose to complete the writing requirement.

Students may complete Early Start at any CSU campus. Here at CI, we offer an online Early Start course taught by experienced English faculty and designed to help students better understand what to expect in our first year composition courses and how to make the choice that suits them best. CI’s Early Start Program website offers additional information for students who may need to enroll in the program.