What if I Have AP or IB Credit?

Some students who have Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) credit may have already fulfilled the first year writing requirement. However, we believe all students entering the University can still benefit from additional instruction in writing.

An English course may also be required as part of a Learning Community in which a student wishes to participate. In that case, students will still receive elective credit for those English courses even if the G.E. requirement has already been met by that student.

For students who are not enrolled in a Learning Community but wish to continue to develop their writing, the Composition Program at CI suggests the following courses:

Our Advanced Composition course, English 107, may be taken to  fulfill the General Education Requirement for Oral Communication  (A1) or Critical Thinking (A3). This is designed for students who are already comfortable with college level writing and research and are looking to take their writing to the next level.

Our Service Learning Course, English 206, may be taken to  fulfill the General Education Requirement for Oral Communication  (A1) or English Writing (A2). This course is recommended for students who have already fulfilled their writing requirement in ENGL 103, ENGL 105, or via AP or IB credit.

English 251, Secrets of Academic Writing, may also be taken to fulfill the General Education Requirement for Oral Communication (A1). In this class, students learn to locate, examine, analyze and practice academic writing within their college discipline, and gain entry into the secrets of the discipline. Students learn how to present according to expectations and how to use presentation tools effectively to engage their audience.

Specific questions about whether a student’s AP or IB credit has transferred and fulfilled the A2 GE Requirement should be directed to the office of Academic Advising.